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Eeyore 在我家                 
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頭上有橘色的加州陽光 我的口袋只有鄂的柳丁
我只有一個藍色的感覺 不要問我為什麼

在每天工作的軌道上繞行 忽然之間
很喜歡 沒來由 無預警 莫名其妙地 作些瘋狂事

像是一時興起 裹著不甚厚實的外套
寒沁的氣溫 迫使我們呼出一團冷空氣
但嘴角漾起的弧線 沒有因此而減少
彼此的默契 更沒因此而凍結

推開了密密麻麻繁雜的文件 握上刻著時間的卷條

在融合古老 東方 法式 現代的茶酒沙龍裡
窩聚在華麗迷離的燈光下 小酌聊天
轉換陣地 來個飆歌 看著螢幕上小偶舉牌廝殺


原來 這是一種遺失許久的 年輕召喚
就像是在陽光直射的地方 PDC所散發的熱力

回歸 自然簡單的快樂
那一瞬間 在我和我 小小的宇宙空間裡

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puffing off the candlelight
deeply from the heart inside,
made wishes in this celebration night.

constantly haunted by similar queries,
tranquil silence,
even god have no answer or timeline to tell.

u said im indeed on the path as i planed,
but in this scenario...
just cant help wondering what's the next cut for me.

brighten up the smile, can u tell me?

偶爾會覺得自己很無力渺小 前方的路很模糊
像置身在離地球遙遠之外的異地星球 找不著通往回家的路

或許我們都曾如此不斷地迷惑過 又也許這樣也沒什麼不好
終究攤開了手心 才知道手裡緊握的
那是唯有自己才明瞭的 到底是得到抑或是失去
然後在每次循環中發現 要下一次站得更穩更好

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The starter of 2007                 
At the first week of the 2007, the word "lost" come into my world again! How come it happened in such a bustling area at 東區 around 7pm!? I can't get it.

When i found my wallet was gone, i was engulfed in a panic. Heck! my credit cards, cash and ID card all in the wallet. As my handbag was robbed by a motor bandit last year, i know i should report the incident to the police and contact the 24-hour customer service hotline to frozen all my credit cards and accounts straight away in case my ID card has been misappropriated for anything illegal and some money has been spent on that card. After all, thief never has a day off.

Fortunately, the pickpocket only took the cash away and left the wallet in a convenience store. Looking at the slimmer wallet...i just think " thanks god, u're back and all the cards are still in it!" Am i lucky? definitely, i am.

There's a proverb says "after a storm comes a calm", i hope it's true...

Jan. 17, 2007
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Seeing is not believing/insight                 
幾何圖形 分割 組合 排列
擬態的畫謎 曖昧的表現

A simple line drawing can be interpreted as either way, the cues that determine which of these interpretations aren't easy to perceive if we don't see it thoroughly.

What you see is day or night?

In fact, with day and night landscapes as mirror images, the white birds merge with a daylight sky at left, while at right the black birds blend to create a night sky.
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Merry Merry Xmasss!                 

When it seems that we have lost our way...
We find ourselves again on Christmas Day.

When it seems the magic slipped away...
We find it all again on Christmas Day
Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There so much to celebrate.
Believe in what you feel inside,
Give your dreams the wings to fly.

You've got everything you need, if you just believe.
If you just believe.

- Josh Groban/ Believe -

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BLACK tunnel                 


悄然一片 僅剩沿途少數的點點燈幟

踮起腳步 迅速地開了家門
填充過多的小小腦袋 海馬區容量幾近於零
紅色品牌的禁臠下 工作超時似乎是種常態性
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0710 milestone                 
during the transition time of job shift, i've travelled aboard the city of sydney, brisbane as well as melbourne. compare with taiwan, australia well keeps its pristine nature and lives a life of ease which i'm very keen on it. given time limitation, it's a brief visit only...what a pity!

anyway, how time flies! the day after will be my first day on the new workplace. frankly speaking, i'm a little bit uneasy as it will be something new and an unknown scope for me to explore. i can't foresee what will happen...even if i realize i may encounter some uncertainties or obstacles in my future path, i still look forward to new challenges and turning a new phase of my life.

farewell party@ fullerton & Le blé d'or

hereby, i'd like to thank KN for the support, guidance and encouragement in the past twenty months and deeply appreciate some guys (especially for Jane) who always cheer me up whenever i am at a low ebb. you're not only the colleagues to me...i'll certainly memorize those days with you all! 足
also, appreciate you who once accompanied me to go through the hard time when i tangled with knotty projects... friendship conquers everything...think you're still friend of mine.

王冠2 standing firm, i truly believe everyday will be another day!
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Sophia's whereabouts                 
June 22-29, TPE 飛行機 SYN, BNE and MEL

To Hengfish & David: wish you guys a safe and joyful West Coast trip as well!

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time seems to be the best therapist
keep the gushing faucet from leaking is hard for the time being
but guess everything will ultimately pass through,
even pass the bad off in vapor
it just takes time, right?!

just like being weighted down by the damnmit
downpour season

the rain will stop
the sky will clear up
as to ms. missing...she'll try to lose her memory subliminally
and not to recall what she have ever had before, huh?!
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