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Teeth extractions journey                 
I don't like to see the dentist, not so much of the process but more of the aftermath of it caused. Somehow, they are just like serial killers who wear the brutal smiles beneath their gauze masks.

Recently, my dentist suggested me to remove the wisdom teeth after a X-ray check. He probably saw my bloodless face and heard the trembling OS inside, so he kept explaining things will be easier to have teeth extractions whether they're causing problem or not.

At the moment, he just like a mesmerist hypnotized me into making decision against my will cuz his tone was so authoritative that I'm not likely having the chance to comeback and say NO!!!!!

After getting the removal done, I knew it's gonna be a painful week hereafter. Nightmare always starts setting in when the anesthetic begins to wear off. See, couple hours later, I gradually felt the intense ache. Even worse, I can't open my mouth wide whenever I tried to swallow, it felt like my throat was almost choked with sth.

You think wisdom teeth extraction is a good way to lose weight? Ummm, well, not exactly, at least, it doesn't apply to me! 悲しい
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