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the earth's gettin' hot                 
沒看過 An Inconvenient Truth,不知 Al Gore 如何用詼諧、幽默口吻帶出嚴肅的全球暖化的議題;但好萊塢電影 The Day After Tomorrow 所描繪快速的氣溫變遷與溫室效應所引發地球前所未有的災難,那令人驚訝與震撼的視覺效果只是特效極大化的戲劇張力? 又或許這樣的情節再真實不過...

the earth is running a fever and human activities for sure should be responsible for much of the recent warming. an article from CommonWealth scares me a little bit lot, and also motivates me to make some changes to help improve global environment lest the greenhouse effect surged vastly.

maybe it's easy to throw up our hands and say there's nothing we could do as an individual to improve the climate changes, but the thinking is so far off base and we can't even see it, what we ought to do is taking this issue seriously and start doing something concrete in our life on daily basis...

i am also aware some companies, such as 7-11 and Taipei 101 skyscrapers, are running a campaign called "light down" . for the global warming least, it sounds like a pretty good start~

how i wish to know if ogilvy'd like to light down the whole building around 10 pm every day..given this, maybe i can get off work ealier :p

クリップ Don't let it all unravel *這短片比擬得很有創意!
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