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Teeth extractions journey                 
I don't like to see the dentist, not so much of the process but more of the aftermath of it caused. Somehow, they are just like serial killers who wear the brutal smiles beneath their gauze masks.

Recently, my dentist suggested me to remove the wisdom teeth after a X-ray check. He probably saw my bloodless face and heard the trembling OS inside, so he kept explaining things will be easier to have teeth extractions whether they're causing problem or not.

At the moment, he just like a mesmerist hypnotized me into making decision against my will cuz his tone was so authoritative that I'm not likely having the chance to comeback and say NO!!!!!

After getting the removal done, I knew it's gonna be a painful week hereafter. Nightmare always starts setting in when the anesthetic begins to wear off. See, couple hours later, I gradually felt the intense ache. Even worse, I can't open my mouth wide whenever I tried to swallow, it felt like my throat was almost choked with sth.

You think wisdom teeth extraction is a good way to lose weight? Ummm, well, not exactly, at least, it doesn't apply to me! 悲しい
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Special for you!                 

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從來就不篤信 "不會開車的女生比較幸福",也不特別信仰什麼 "美好的愛情才是一張永遠不會到期、不需換照的幸福駕照" (但有一張當然最好啦),總覺得開車似乎是種延伸觸角的基本技能。既然如此,那為什麼直到現在才萌生學開車的念頭?

都是鄭媽媽過度的想像力,直覺駕照一旦入手之初,一般人都會享受那種騰雲駕霧、來去自如的感覺。(天知道我很孬,她以為我會像藤原拓海在充滿髮夾彎的山區內疾速狂飆嗎??) 擔憂路駕的危險,多年前遠在台北的她軟硬兼施地以各種理由斷絕我在遠地學車的念頭。後來過慣了便利的都市生活,加上歲月磋跎,學車漸漸地似乎也不是什麼迫切的事了...

正當我內心還在碎念的時候,教練已經向我招了招手。嗯,很好很好,看起來似乎是個 Mr. Good guy,在講解了基本知識和如何直角轉彎後,哇,第一堂課居然是倒車入庫,聽起來好像很難,但在這個模擬環境,以龜速的方式前進,又身處在滿是箭頭、卡點記號的教練車內,想當然爾不會有什麼問題。


好 (背後猛出現熊熊烈火)!自許不但要拿到駕照,還要當個能上路的人!

# 還有, 夠了喔, 我是蘇菲亞但不姓蘇... 冷や汗
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我在這裡* 天氣晴                 
一個人 姑且就讓我這麼稱著吧
除了那對角靠牆 年近四十歲的女人外

就是藍又暖澄澄 堆疊出的假象

想聽聽風聲 海聲 靜默 感受
於是蹬上高跟鞋 想像恣由前往

但 翅膀勒
搖搖頭 我說沒關係
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11‧30, 2007                 

原以為走的是溫馨的慶祝路線, 卻不太記得怎麼結束...只記得最後為了阻擋所有酒泡氣味, 暈眩的腦袋似乎不斷吞吐著搭機遠行的鬼話。

不知所許的願望是否都會實現, 但不論是真人發音或jazz版, 今年肯是我聽過最多生日歌的一年!

王冠2 Heartfelt thank
‧my college friends, especially freya, who was sort of throwing a party for me
‧my graduate mates & Jimy for their sweet presents
‧Eric for gaving me a suprise one day before my birthday. The cake is pretty tasty
‧Sylvia & Yorkman for their phone call greetings from far-off usa & england
‧those friends who sent me cards, phone calls or texts

收到這麼多朋友的關心和祝福, 今年生日, 真的很開心!

ps. Guess Who 這遊戲怎麼都沒有出口, 耳蝸失靈, 夾雜 Lavazza內的干擾頻率, 音軌比對任務始終沒在黃金秒數內破解。親愛的, 金卡會長的寶座我真的不要了,下屆就交給你吧!
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What city do you belong in?                 

What City Do You Belong In?
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Potential risk                 
dear i plan to go to the gym tonight, you wanna come along?



早知道 (話說千金難買早知道),我會乖乖去運動...
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隨著手中最後的 project落幕
完成了hr's final exit interview
走完旋了幾旋的既定流程 才頓時有了正要離開的感覺

那晚嘎碎了一落落不算太機密 又不能隨處公開的文件
永遠忙到最後一刻 不正是我們的最佳寫照
釋出了門禁卡 卸下了紅色光環

帶走的 不僅止是所累積的經驗學習
(噢! 我想 真的是深夜 那種所謂的 a.m.人生 ^^)
在側陽台 望著近在咫尺的101
然後 釋放 再 繼續



這樣的回憶 很難輕易抽離

隨時歡迎回來 你說
我 微笑以對
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the earth's gettin' hot                 
沒看過 An Inconvenient Truth,不知 Al Gore 如何用詼諧、幽默口吻帶出嚴肅的全球暖化的議題;但好萊塢電影 The Day After Tomorrow 所描繪快速的氣溫變遷與溫室效應所引發地球前所未有的災難,那令人驚訝與震撼的視覺效果只是特效極大化的戲劇張力? 又或許這樣的情節再真實不過...

the earth is running a fever and human activities for sure should be responsible for much of the recent warming. an article from CommonWealth scares me a little bit lot, and also motivates me to make some changes to help improve global environment lest the greenhouse effect surged vastly.

maybe it's easy to throw up our hands and say there's nothing we could do as an individual to improve the climate changes, but the thinking is so far off base and we can't even see it, what we ought to do is taking this issue seriously and start doing something concrete in our life on daily basis...

i am also aware some companies, such as 7-11 and Taipei 101 skyscrapers, are running a campaign called "light down" . for the global warming least, it sounds like a pretty good start~

how i wish to know if ogilvy'd like to light down the whole building around 10 pm every day..given this, maybe i can get off work ealier :p

クリップ Don't let it all unravel *這短片比擬得很有創意!
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Summer holiday!                 
深呼吸吐了口氣, 嘴角牽起一抹微笑.
oh yes! 我的小小暑假就要來臨!チョキ

危険 QR code's decoding!

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